Project Management

A successful resource company requires expertise in all aspects of its matters, whether it is at the initial stages of exploration on a project, moving forward with a resource estimation or assisting in a corporate direction. Fladgate Exploration provides highly qualified people no matter what your needs; from the bush to the boardroom.

chart with geological data, example chart

Geomatics-Database Management

Our Geomatics and Database team has extensive experience and utilizes leading mining, GIS and database software. Ensuring the data collected is done in an efficient and compliant manner supports both the Exploration team in bringing the target to the estimation stage.


  • Historical data and GIS compilation
  • Database design and management
  • Data validation
  • Map and Figure Preparation
  • Statistical Analysis
  • QA/QC design and management

3d Model of Land, Geological 3d Mapping

3D Modelling, Resource Estimations and Geostatistics

Our Resource team combines their wealth of knowledge and experience with industry leading 3D modelling software to create comprehensive models and resource estimations for a diverse range of commodities and deposit types. Fladgate Exploration integrates cutting edge geostatistical techniques with an intimate understanding of the underlying geological controls to create realistic and robust resource models.


  • N1 43-101 compliant resource estimations and technical reports
  • 3D data digitalization and interpretation
  • Drill hole spacing studies
  • Geostatistical studies
  • Block modelling
  • Pit optimization

Table with geographical assessment maps

Engineering Services

In conjunction with affiliated Engineering consultants, Fladgate offers a variety of N1 43-101 complaint solutions for your mine engineering requirements.


  • Reserve Estimations
  • Preliminary Economic Assessments
  • Pre-feasibility Studies
  • Strategic Mine Planning and Design
  • Mining Risk Analysis
  • Economic Modelling
  • Open Pit Optimization