Portable Drill, Fladgate Exploration Team

From the bush to the boardroom

Fladgate Exploration is a one stop shop.  Successful resource exploration requires a wide variety of expertise and skill sets; geology, logistics, camp building and GIS to name a few.  Fladgate provides a one stop shop from project evaluation and compilation to resource estimation.  We have all the equipment, connection and people to get a project from the Bush to the Boardroom

Our People

Our office is staffed with professional geologists, geotechnicians, GIS technicians and office staff to manage projects ranging in size from grass roots to mine site exploration.

Fladgate Exploration President, Michael Thompson

Michael Thompson,
HBSc, P.Geo

Fladgate Exploration Vice President, Neil Pettigrew

Neil Pettigrew,
MSc, P.Geo
Vice President

Fladgate Exploration Vice President, Caitlin Jeffs

Caitlin Jeffs,
HBSc, P.Geo
Vice President

Fladgate Exploration Project Geologist, Jordan Quinn

Jordan Quinn,
BSc P. Geo
Project Geologist

Fladgate Exploration Project Manager, Leah Clapp

Leah Clapp
Project Manager

Fladgate Exploration Project Geologist, Alex Hughes

Alex Hughes
Project Geologist

Fladgate Exploration Project Geologist, Harrison Reid

Harrison Reid,
Project Geologist

Fladgate Exploration (Geologist in Training) Project Geologist, Jordan Kowalchuk

Jordan Kowalchuk,
(Geologist in Training) Project Geologist

Fladgate Exploration P. Geo, Kyle Pedersen

Kyle Pedersen,
P. Geo

Fladgate Exploration Project Manager, Sean Isrealson

Sean Isrealson
Project Manager

Fladgate Exploration GeoTechnician, Ben Calarco

Ben Calarco

Fladgate Exploration Office Administrator, Jodie Stares

Jodie Stares
Office Administrator

Fladgate Exploration Project Manager, Brett Kuzmicz

Brett Kuzmicz
Project Manager

Our Background

Fladgate Exploration Consulting Corporation is a full service mineral exploration consulting group. Our staff is comprised of several professional geologists, geotechnicians and office staff, each bringing their own unique skill set to the team. Staff experience ranges from grass roots to mine site exploration and mineral deposit expansion. Professional backgrounds include gold, diamond, Cu-Ni-PGE and base metal exploration,  international consulting, planning and 3D modelling. We manage all aspects of mineral exploration programs from data compilation and project design through all levels of implementation and management.




Column clearing.


Base Metal

Map showing locations of Fladgate Exploration, Canadian Mineral Exploration