Camp Building Services

At Fladgate Exploration, we understand the complex logistics of working in remote locations. That is why we are continually expanding the services we offer to help you achieve your exploration goals. We pride ourselves on tailoring any camp to meet your needs and budget. Regardless of size, our team can provide remote camp construction services from set-up to take down and every step in between.

Camp Interior Design

camp exterior

camp base interior

What We Provide

Camp Supply

  • We have a high quality supply of
    tented or hard unit temporary camps
    including travel trailers, prospector
    tents, and Weatherhavens.

Project Management

  • We take care of site planning,
    development, and remediation.
  • Fladgate can acquire all camp related
    permits such as water and structural

Construction Services

  • Set-up and take-down of all tents,
    buildings, washrooms, septic, and
    powered infrastructure.
  • Ice road construction.

Transporation Logistics

  • Organize and oversee transportation
    logistics of all necessary materials.

Camp framed while under construction